Frequently Asked Questions.


You’ll find below all the frequently asked questions from the fans. If you don’t find the answer to your question here you can send us an email at the following address dreamitcon@gmail.com or go to our Contact page.

What's a convention?

A convention usually takes place over a 2 day weekend. Conventions have special themes such as tv-shows, movies or manga. Attendees meet their favorite celebrities. They can attend panels, get autographs/photos or they can also have a more private meeting with them.

What’s the process?

01. Select: Pick the convention you’d like to attend on the Conventions tab or on our Home page. You’ll find all the informations regarding the chosen convention.
02. Ticketing: Go to the online ticketing of your convention by clicking on the button "Ticketing" you can find it on the page of the chosen convention.
03. Print: Once you’ve made your purchase you will receive your tickets by email they need to be printed and showed the day of the convention.
04. Dream: Live a dreamy day with all the activities offered and share your best photos by tagging us on social media @dreamitcon! Some of you might end up in our gallery ;)

How can I attend a convention?

In order to attend a convention you need to buy a pass (they’re in limited quantity) on our online ticketing. The prices may vary depending on the event. Please note that the passes are not exchangeable nor refundable (except if the convention is cancelled). It is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN to resell your pass without our consent and we reserve the right to cancel a pass if the Terms & Conditions. The pass WON'T BE refunded.

Do you have discounts on plane tickets?

Thanks to our partnership with Air France you can get discounts on flight tickets. For that please select the name of the convention you’d like to attend:

Do you have discounts on hotels?

Like for the flight tickets you can also get preferential rate at the hotel of the convention : the Novotel Paris Est Hotel or the Paris Marriott Rive Gauche Hotel when the convention takes place there. Please select the convention you’re attending:

What's an Extra Guest?

An Extra Guest is a un guest (actor) who is not included in any pass (except VIP pass). His extras will be available in a limited quantity.

What's a Bonus Guest?

A Bonus Guest is a guest (actor) who is not included in any pass because his contract is different than the rest of the guests, but his extras will be available in a limited quantity.

Can I buy an extra without having a pass?

Before buying extra tickets it is MANDATORY to already own a pass. If you come to the convention with extra tickets without having bought a pass we won’t let you access the convention and NO REFUNDS will be made.

What extras are available?

Photoshoot: 1 picture with the celebrity taken by a professional photographer. 1 tickets = 1 photo = 1 attendee. For all group photoshoot, duos and trios, we allows two attendees on the same photo with only one ticket.
Autograph: A moment for you to get an autograph by the celebrity. 1 ticket = 1 autograph. It's the ONLY time you can give a gift to the guest.
Meeting Room: 30 minutes with the celebrity in a small commitee (30 pers max.). The disponibility of the tickets is very limited.
Polaroïd Lounge: Un moment unique où vous pourrez avoir votre photo Polaroïd prise avec chacun des acteurs présents. Vous bénéficierez également d'un petit moment privilégié pour parler avec eux. Notez que le Polaroïd Lounge à une durée de 30 min et se fait en petit comité (20 pers max). La disponibilité des tickets est donc très limité. Notez que nous fournissons les photos du Polaroïd.

What happens when your favorite actor has to cancel its appearance ?

It can (sadly) happen that an actor has to cancel its appearance due to his filming schedule or so. We have no control on those situations. However, if it happens, you’II get a refund with the actor in question. You will only need to send un an email atIt can (sadly) happen that an actor has to cancel its appearance due to his filming schedule or so. We have no control on those situations. However, if it happens, you’II get a refund with the actor in question. You will only need to send un an email at dreamitcon@gmail.com or contact us in our Contact. You can also replace your extras with somebody’s else (a equal guest). However, your PASS (any one) won’t get a refund in case on a guest cancellation.

Can I attend the convention if I'm a minor (under 18)?

You need to fill out a parental authorization with your legal tutor you can download it here. The day of the convention, you will also need to bring with you a copy of the identity card of your legal tutor. If you are under 16 years old, you need to be accompanied by an adult (the adult also needs to own a pass). For more informations please refer back to our Parental Consentpage.

How can I get my pass?

To retrieve your pass and extras you need to print all your PDF tickets, your identity card and in case needed a parental authorization.

Can disabled people attend your convention?

Yes, conventions are accessible to disabled people. Please send us an email at dreamitcon@gmail.com before the convention in order for us to allocate you a seat on a designated area. Also, you’ll have a priority on all of the activities.

Am I allowed to take photos and videos during the convention?

During the convention, you will be authorized to take pictures during the panels if you’re not using the flash. However it is strictly forbidden to record the panels. Please note that it is strictly forbidden to take photos or videos of the actors during the extras. We reserve the right to ban someone from the convention if they do not respect these rules, in that case they won’t get a refund.

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