Terms & Conditions.


Mazal Top is a SAS owned by Mrs Emilie Perez (SIRET: 50412546900024). The company headquarters is established at: Mazal Top - 119 Avenue de Flandre, 75019 Paris France

Mazal Top is a trading company and is therefor the legal entity. “Dream It Conventions” is a product that belongs to and is sold by Mazal Top society. The activity of Mazal Top is known from the public under that name for the conventions. The actions taken by “Dream It Conventions” are therefor taken by Mazal Top Society.

Intellectual property:

The portal www.dreamit-conventions.com (logos, posts, images, general structure, contents) are the property of Mazal Top and are subject to applicable rights. These elements are subject to applicable copyrights. Any depiction, modification, reproduction, partial or total misrepresentation of our website or its content will be considered an act of forgery and will be sanctioned by the articles L335-2 and following the Code of Intellectual Property.

Buying a pass to any event organized by Dream It Conventions implies that you’ve read and accepted our terms and conditions of sales presented underneath. We highly recommend you to take into account those terms and to read them carefully before buying your pass.

Dream It Conventions and the owner of the location of the convention are not responsible for any loss, theft or damage undergone during the event.

Image rights:

It is possible that you appear on some photos or videos taken by our team if you attend one of our event. By attending an event you allow Dream It Conventions to use your image on photos or videos that could be featured for promotional or commercial means.


- All our tickets are available online on “ le pot commun “ at the following URL: . You can pay by credit card, check or bank wire. For any bank wire request please send us an email at dreamitcon@gmail.com or go to our Contact page. After the transaction is done, you will receive an email around two weeks maximum with your e-ticket. You need to print this e-ticket and show it to a staff member to get your badge the day of the convention or the day before the convention.
- No pass will be sent out by email as there is no printable version of the final pass.

Access to the convention:

- To access the convention you will need a pass and a bracelet (it will be given to you with your pass & extras by a staff member the day of the convention or the day before the convention). Without your bracelet and your pass our staff and security team are allowed to prevent you from accessing the event.

- You have to wear your bracelet and have your pass with you throughout the event.

- To retrieve your pass you will need to show your identity card and your e-ticket. Without an ID card or without your e-ticket the staff won’t be able to give you your pass and extras.

- If you’re a minor (under 18) you will need to fill in a parental authorization (you can download it here) and bring a copy of the ID of the parent who filled in your authorization. You’ll have to show these documents to a staff member when retrieving your pass. However, attendees who are under 16 years old will have to be accompanied by an adult that also owns a pass. The access will be denied to any minor under 16 not accompanied by someone or if the accompanying person doesn’t have a pass. There won’t be any refund. (If you need any more informations please go to our page Parental Consent)

- Your seats are determined depending on the date you bought your pass. If you would like to be seated next to a friend, please send us an email.


Buying a pass is mandatory in order to buy extras. You won’t get access to the convention if you didn’t purchase a pass.

- Photoshoot: Your photo op with a guest is taken by a professional photographer. 1 ticket = 1 photo = 1 attendee. For any group photos, duos, trios we accept 2 attendees on the same photo with one ticket.
Your photoshoot will be given to you during the convention.

- Autograph: A moment for you to get an autograph of a guest. 1 ticket = 1 autograph. It’s also the only way for you to give a potential gift to the guests.

- Meeting Room: Meeting Room : 30 minutes with the actor and a small group of attendees (30 attendees max)

- Polaroïd Lounge: A memorable moment where you can get Polaroïd photos of you and the guests and also where you can have a chat with them. Please note that the Polaroïd lounge will only be during 30 min and is only available for 20 attendees in order for this moment to be unique. And it won’t be the case if we accept more than 20 people. The photos are provided by us


Dream It Conventions is not responsible if you lose your extra tickets.

Refund policy:

If you’re unable to attend the convention because of the new date you will be asked to contact us on our Contact page or to send us an email at the following mail: dreamitcon@gmail.com and you will get a refund. If the event is cancelled, all passes and extras will be refunded.
If you’re unable to come to an event, you won’t get a refund.
Guest appearance are subject to availability. Meaning it is possible that a guest has to cancel their appearance due to professional reason or any other circumstances. There won’t be any refund on the pass if a guest cancels. We will do everything we can to replace the guest with a new guest. In that case the extras bought will automatically be replaced by extras of the new guest (including extras guests). If you’re not satisfied with the replacement, the extras of the former guest will be refunded or you will be able to get a credit at the event.
So please do not attend a convention based solely on one guest because a guest cancelling doesn’t give you the right to a refund.

Dream it conventions reserves the right to change the date and location of an event in order to get a maximum of guest attending.

In case of Force majeur :

Dream It Conventions will not be held responsible for not fulfilling one of the obligations of the T&C in case of Force majeur. Force majeur includes any results of the usual and natural consequences of external forces. Situation beyond our control such as war, strike , riot, epidemic, government decisions, hazardous weather, etc. In this case, the customer will still need to fulfill the payment of the service. The customer can however get a voucher of the amount paid. Voucher that can be used on future events.


No gifts can be given to a guest during panels and photoshoots. The only way to give a gift will be during the autograph session.

Virtual conventions:

You don’t need a pass to access the event (unless stated otherwise , for some tvshow you will need a pass). It’s one ticket per person so you will only be allowed to be two if you both own a ticket.
- It’s strictly forbidden to record any activity. If you’re recording you will be removed from your activity and banned from future events without a possibility of a refund.
- Tickets are non refundable nor transferable.
- If you miss your activity or if you have any technical issue, we won’t be held responsible and therefore you won’t be getting a refund.
- A screenshot will be taken at the end of each meeting (panel excluded) and sent to you by email a few days after the event.
- Autographs, snapshots and video recordings may take a while but you won’t be entitled to a refund, even if it takes a few months.
- Autographs are being shipped in a stiff bubble wrapped enveloppe. Dream it Conventions won’t be held responsible if your autograph is bent or in poor condition as it depends on your courier service. There won’t be any compensation nor refund.
- Guest appearance are subject to availability. If a guest cancels, Dream it Conventions will contact you as soon as possible with several options.